We help you achieve greater access with bigger impacts

At AXA Partners US, we’re here to give you concrete solutions to support your customers and business by delivering expert service and savings worldwide. Our wide range of customized services will bring expertise, compassion, and personalization to your unique programs. Relying on intelligence, technology, global reach, and access allows us to outperform industry standards thus delivering you real value.

We support all your worldwide assistance needs for your products and travelers

So, you need to focus on providing your clients and their customers – business and leisure travelers, students, expatriates…. – with tailored assistance services based on your product and market requirements. We are here to create solutions that adapt to your business model and offer you a competitive advantage. As a market leader in providing travel assistance for the insurance industry, we have the experience and global capabilities to rely on when keeping your travelers safe and well.

We help you contain costs on the rising expense of medical claims 

In the US, the cost and performance of healthcare services can vary significantly between providers, and if not managed efficiently, costs can skyrocket. At AXA Partners US we provide you with premier access to exclusive US carriers and localized PPO networks plus international access to thousands of physicians and facilities to help you achieve exceptional savings. Our network access and cost containment solutions offer you a customized approach for your business needs – whether its to solve for a nationwide network or network gaps.  

A partnership to give peace of mind to international students

International students coming to the US are often left alone to understand and master the US insurance system… Insurance is complex, but decrypting insurance in another country is a whole other challenge! Indeed, it is well-known that the US healthcare system is difficult to navigate and costly for both the insured and insurance carrier.

For over 30 years, LewerMark has helped schools design intelligent, ethical, and responsible insurance programs for these international students coming into the US. AXA Partners' role is supporting LewerMark's insurance programs by providing access to over 1 million quality providers while helping reduce upfront costs of care and medical claims expenses for students. Through this effective cost-containment strategy, LewerMark and AXA Partners US jointly provide international students peace of mind knowing they will be taken care when seeking medical attention.

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