Keytrade Bank is an Internet bank and market leader in online trading. Part of Keytrade Bank’s activity is to offer full-fledged traditional banking services and home loans, which can be simulated, applied for and managed transparently and easily online. Keytrade Bank wanted to improve these benefits by turning VISA credit cards into service providers that offer peace of mind and real added value to segmented customer audiences.

To do so, AXA Partners and Keytrade Bank worked together as one team. They analysed market trends and customer data and discovered the challenges credit card customers face in their daily lives. A new value proposition was created, whereby Keytrade Bank relies on the AXA Partners assistance network to assist cardholders 24/7 worldwide. In this way, Keytrade Bank provides its customers with top service without having to use extra manpower.

  • 37%


    are ready to pay more to have better insurance associated with their bank services (Source : AXA Partners White Paper, cf bottom of article).

  • +70 Years

    +70 YearsAXA Partner's years of experience

    in Assistance and Protection.

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    24/7assistance for keytrade bank cardholders

    thanks to AXA Partners assistance network.

Standing out in the market as a bank

Credit cards are more than just simple means of payment. They also come with their bundle of classic services, such as health and belonging coverage and insurance. Which are often expected from customers when choosing a credit card. To differentiate yourself from the competition as a bank, you can decide to incorporate premium services directly linked to the credit cards you emit.
This is exactly what Keytrade Bank had in mind when they contacted AXA Partners to co-create a type of benefits and services that would be offered to VISA Classic, Gold and Platinum Keytrade Bank cardholders. Guided by AXA Partner’s expertise, Keytrade Bank made a well-considered selection from our insurance and assistance solutions and included them in its portfolio. Hence not only providing customers with “classic services”, but also setting itself apart in the banking sector.

Using smart segmentation to best answer your clients’ needs

Different lifestyles mean different expectations. In the case of someone travelling regularly, a credit card should offer them international coverage or free international payments for example. Someone who only uses their credit card for occasional online shopping will not have the same needs. Because AXA Partners and Keytrade Bank understand that different people look for different things, they have created a smart segmentation of Keytrade Bank Visa cards users. Keytrade Bank’s offer was segmented into one basic card and two premium cards: the VISA Classic, Gold and Platinum. Each of these cards has services attached to it that are precisely tailored to what the various target audiences expect.

First-class services, real added value for Keytrade Bank’s customers

AXA Partners’ innovative services and insurance policies are designed to provide Keytrade Bank’s cardholders with great comfort when travelling. As an example, services provided through the VISA Platinum credit card include premium concierge services for frequent travellers. That way, they can get help with renting a car or applying for travel documents and visas, or ask for travel or health advice from wherever they are. Among other services, and all free of charge thanks to their VISA Platinum card.

The Keytrade Bank Visa Classic offers more than other similar credit cards. Thanks to the Safe Online and Purchase insurance that Keytrade Bank has put in place, clients are sure to make their purchases in complete security. Premium holders can also count on their Keytrade Bank at more difficult times. Breakdown on the road, illness at destination, lost luggage or last-minute cancellation: the Visa Gold and Platinum offer total peace of mind.

AXA Partners and Keytrade Bank worked together as one team. We analysed market trends and customer data. We examined the challenges that credit card customers face in their daily lives and we looked in detail at what value proposition Keytrade Bank could offer in return.

Benoît Suy, Business Developement Manager at AXA Partners

At Keytrade Bank, the focus is on the customer. We strive to make banking as simple and lucrative as possible. This also applies to our credit card: nothing but the best is good enough! Thanks to AXA Partners we turned our VISA credit cards into service providers that offer end users peace of mind and added value.

Thierry Ternier, CEO at Keytrade Bank

A successful collaboration between Keytrade Bank and AXA Partners

By collaborating with AXA Partners, Keytrade Bank was able to enhance its traditional credit card offer with relevant insurance products and services. By doing so, they were able to generate a tangible competitive asset compared to their competitors, without requiring additional manpower. AXA Partners’ services were seamlessly integrated into Keytrade Bank’s credit cards. For their customers, this means direct access to more comfort and peace of mind as well. In 2020, Keytrade Bank and AXA Partners’ efforts were rewarded by website, granting the VISA Premium Keytrade Bank smart bundle offer the title of “Best Travel Premium Card”.

The partnership has been quite successful: recently chose Keytrade Bank’s Visa Platinum as the best ‘TRAVEL PREMIUM CREDIT CARD’ of 2020, thanks to its access to great out-of-the-box insurance and services.

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