People are at the heart of everything we do

"Whether it is by taking care of our employees or our business partners and their customers, people have always been at the center of our mission. At AXA Partners, we observe every day that our teams take pride in providing customers with the best solutions, and that recruiting dedicated team players will ensure that our clients always get the service and attention they deserve. We foster a positive work environment where everyone can express themselves and where achievements, skills and unique personalities are valued, to ensure the best quality of service.

Have a glimpse to the behind the scenes and discover more about the people who make AXA Partners every day."

  • 10 M

    10 Massistance cases

  • 200

    200in-house doctors & nurses

  • 14,000

    14,000medical transport

A strong corporate culture driven by passion

"Combining passion and advanced expertise, we design and deliver worldwide solutions for partners and communities. We protect what matters, when it matters.

Acting in concert, our teams form a highly virtuous and agile chain of collaboration that revolves around our “raison d'être”, as they work through the following three principles: seek excellence and innovation, enrich the customer journey, drive progress.

Clear and simple terms made concrete by their daily energy to deliver the assistance and protection our customers need combined with professionalism and empathy. Resulting in the best personalized care and protection solutions, for the best outcomes."

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